Using Google Serp Checker For Effective SEO Campaigns

There is a popular software program, which is called SerpChecker. With this software you can easily scrape all existing types of SERPs information, such as images, video, web links, answers, search boxes, feeds, comments, tags, search queries, user names and passwords, and much more. Using Google keyword rank checker API you may easily integrate SerpChecker Google keyword rank checker API to any kind of application or even web service with minimal language, region, and browser settings. The most commonly used web services are XML and PHP. XML is used when you want to access the information of all available listings on SERPs. When we refer to ‘API’, it means application programming interface.

The Google keyword rank checker API is one of the best-known and widely used source code tools for monitoring and managing SERPs and their behavior. Although there are many other applications which are similar to it, yet the Google serp checker api remains the most popular among other API’s. It provides the necessary information for you to quickly and accurately monitor all the details of your target keywords, on a global scale.

This particular API makes monitoring your keywords easy, particularly if you also happen to be running a pay per click campaign for your business. With this particular API you will be able to analyze not just the search volume, but also how often different searches are performed, how your keywords are related in terms of click-through rate, the average number of searches performed each day and over a specific period of time, average ROI, average commission paid per click, average cost per click and other vital information. The Google keyword rank tracking API will also let you know how many people are visiting a particular URL, what countries these people come from, what their IP address is, where they entered the site from etc. Even your ads and ad groups can be tracked. If you are a member of the Google AdWords community then you already are familiar with the rank tracking.

A great thing about the rank tracking API is that it lets you check the position of your keywords as you are developing them. You can track the traffic to your web pages, your ads and how effective they are. You can also find out which keywords and key phrases are bringing you traffic and how well those key phrases match up to the search terms that your audience is searching for. You can also see if certain keywords are performing badly and need changes.

There are many more benefits and features of the Google keyword rank tracking API besides the ones we have outlined above. In general, most of the other apis request information from you in the form of a client ID and password. The Google keyword rank tracking API however does not require you to provide these details. This makes the API completely user friendly even for non developers or people who do not work at Google. You only need a computer with internet access and you can start checking keyword density and tracking keywords on the fly.

You can test drive the Google user API by using their free demo version. It lets you check the performance of your keyword campaigns, displays the results based on key metrics and allows you to check your server response time. So far this is the only officially supported way to check the accuracy and performance of your serp campaigns and rank tracking. Even though the free version doesn’t have much functionality and the Google keyword tool itself does not provide much help, the API is still a useful means to understand how your keyword tool works. The API allows you to run keyword analysis and research without the use of actual software.