The Worst Experience With Leaseweb Hosting

The Best Website Hosting: So what is the Worst Experience With Leaseweb Hosting? I would say the Worst Support by Leaseweb. You know what I am talking about.

Why would support be so bad? Well, I can tell you that they are a little off the mark with the support in general and then when they get off the mark it is horrid. I understand that Leaseweb can go offline for any reason but to have a website that disappears is just awful. I believe that Leaseweb could change their support team or hire a new one.

As a Business Owner I do not care about the fact that you may have support issues. I am looking for customer support. I want to know that I can get my money’s worth when I host my website.

The worst experience I have had with Leaseweb is when I was having trouble getting my site listed on their website. It was all set up. Everything was set up, but they kept adding my site until I could not continue to host it. They would not answer the phone when I called.

Then all of a sudden my listing was removed from the search engine. My listing was never removed! Just taken down by the last page. It was totally unfair, and yet I was not even trying to get listed. I was just trying to get leaseweb review to take my listing down.

The worst experience with Leaseweb hosting was the email addresses of their customers. When I emailed them to notify them that they were having a problem they did not reply fora couple of days.

Then after I started getting messages in my in box my email address did not show up. I called and they said they should not have sent me the message, they should have known I could not get the message out. How did they find out my email address if I never wrote them? I should have never left a message, but when I did they must have gone to my email to make sure they did not forget.

The Worst Support with Leaseweb when I had issues with the phone is as bad as they are with the email. They give you the same response over again.

I believe that there is only one reason that the support staff is so terrible. Is because they do not know how to do the work, and they are leaving it to the customer. There are many different reasons that this is happening, and yet they are not trained or aware of these problems.

When the support is so terrible, I would like to ask for a refund on the Horrid Experience I have had with Leaseweb Hosting. You are making me look like a complete idiot, and now I am going to have to hire someone else to host my website. Who knows how long it will take me to get a decent site back up and running.

The Worst Support Leaseweb ever gave me is probably the reason I decided to switch hosting companies. The Horrid Support is more than enough to let me take the easy way out. By taking the other hosting company I will also eliminate the chance of me having to deal with Leaseweb ever again.