How to Scrape Google Search Results

Is it even possible to scrape Google search results? A while back, it was very easy to do. You could use programs like scrape Google search result pages and do whatever you wanted with them. Nowadays, this is a nightmare. Here is what we know now.

The way that Google still implements PageRank into their ranking algorithm is highly complicated and not publicly known by the general public. Basically, the formula that Google uses is: the higher the number of links a page has from other sites, the more weight the page carries with Google. This also means that pages that have large amounts of external links are much higher in the rankings than pages that don’t have many links. That being said, there is a way to scrape Google search result pages to look like them.

In order to scrape Google search result pages the first thing we need is our own copy of Google’s Big Brother. We need a program or tool that can read and extract all the big data fields from Google’s Big Brother, or at least that which is visible to us. That includes the urls, domains, pages, and key phrases. There is another data field that is not publicly known but is included in Google Analytics, and that is the ‘gesture’ percentage.

The BeautifulSoup software project makes it very easy to scrape Google’s Big Brother. All you need to get started is the BeautifulSoup website. Once you download the software and open it up, you will see a screen prompting you to install the Python code on your computer. You will probably want to run the installation process in a Windows computer because it works better on that platform. Once that is completed, you are ready to scrape Google Big Brother and start retrieving the information you need.

Once you have the python code loaded into your computer, you will need to find a script that will allow you to scrape Google. Some people prefer to write their own script, but there are also many scripts available on the internet that are written specifically for SEO (search engine optimization) work. One of the best places to search for these scripts is Yahoo Answers. Another place is Google, where you may also find tutorials on how to scrape Google search results.

A good question to ask before starting to scrape Google Big Brother is, what do the user agents look like? User agents are the graphical user interface elements that are used by web browsers to decide how to make a particular web page look like. Some examples of user agents are Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, both use’Mozilla browser’scripts for their user agent. Next time you are asked to download a file or view a video on Google, ask yourself, does it look like me clicking on the Google button, or does it look like the spider in my web browser crawling the web page?