How to Check Keyword Ranking in Google

Check keyword Ranking in Google Search Engine. That’s probably the most requested question in the entire world of SEO. Is your site already up and kicking and bringing in any good targeted traffic? Then you most likely also asked how on earth to check keyword ranking in Google Search Engine.

If you were using Chrome before, there was a special setting that let you view old Google searches. You could click on “advanced options” next to the search box. This would open a new private window with your Google ranking. This is an extremely powerful tool that I am going to show you how to use.

There are two major problems with using this setting. First of all, it only showed organic search volume. No international, minor industry, or anything else was shown. This means that although Google might think your site has great potential, it’s not necessarily true. It shows what keywords were searched, but not how many people actually visited that site using those keywords.

This is where you want to turn to our second secret tip on how to check keyword ranking in google Search Engine. You want to check for exact matches. An exact match is a keyword that appears exactly like another keyword. So if you have “baked chicken” as one of your main keywords, you want to find “baked chicken recipes”. The search engine picks up on exact matches and will give your site higher rankings.

To do this, you just need to go to Google search console, find a keyword search, then type in that exact phrase. You can also use one of the other tools that are available on the Google website to help you with exact matches. If none of the tools are working, you can create your own and enter the exact phrase you found. It will take a while for Google to update its data, so don’t be discouraged by it if nothing happens after a few minutes.

When you’re checking Google, you should always use the incognito tab or settings when searching for rankings. This will hide everything on the webpage and only leave the search engine page that you’re checking out. Once you’ve done that, you can then click on the advanced link under the page that you clicked on to get more detailed information about the company. It will tell you which of the keywords were ranked for that particular day. Using this type of Google tool is extremely important if you want to start and maintain your business online.