Google Serp API Explained

Rank Tanks is the first & free keyword analysis tool from Google that removes many limits found in competitor keyword spot tools. The most widely used keyword analyzer software, Keyword Elite, has many limits & limitations. Many of the limits or features of other keyword analysis software makes it difficult to compete with the big boys. Rank Tanks does exactly that!

If you own a business, or if you are starting one, you need to get in on the action. Today’s search engines, such as Google, have changes constantly made to their algorithms & website functionality. Being able to keep up with the changes & strategies is key to your website success. Using Google user API, you can easily integrate a Google rank tracking page into your site. With this, you can easily monitor your competition & monitor how your keywords are driving traffic from Google search engines like Google.

With the advent of the Google Webmaster Central (GCT) and Google Analytics, webmasters have been able to monitor visitor behavior, and find out what keywords their visitors are finding when they are scouring the Internet. However, many of the GCT tools provide webmasters with limited or no access to the Google SERPs. By using Google user API, you can now access the full functionality of these 2 leading web analytics programs with just one login.

You can also use the Google web scraping API to analyze the traffic on your competitors’ websites. With over 300 million people using Facebook every day, the opportunity to drive traffic to your website & get quality backlinks is huge. But Facebook also has major limiting factors such as its lack of interactivity & customization. This makes it difficult for you to promote your link to your niche audience on Facebook. But with scraping you can get valuable information that can be used for your website worth.

So how can you make your website worth more if you have a low page rank? By using Google’s Webmaster Central (GCT) tool you can easily get information such as the average time it takes for pages of your site to load, the total time your page is up, the overall bounce rate. All of this information can be useful to improve your web page ranking and ultimately your Google rank. If your rank improves, your website becomes more attractive to potential visitors & that means potential customers that will convert into leads & sales.

The Google Webmaster Central (GCT) has an extensive range of tools like the Google Profiles and the Google Website Rank Checker that can be used with the google serp api. If you want to monitor your rank in Google and you are not too comfortable setting up your own Google profile or having an Admin password, the GCT has a great package called Google External Comparison. This package includes a Google profile creator, Google URL Scraper and Google Realtime Analytics. All of these tools will help you easily get an overview of how your site is ranked against other sites in the same domain. All of this information is vital to ensure that you have a successful website and it means that your business can rank highly in Google.