Google Rank Tracker API – Makes Your Website Search Engine Friendly

Using rank tracker API makes it easy for you to monitor keyword ranking changes across the globe. You can also get detailed information about your competitors. Google introduced the rank tracker API in May 2021 to simplify monitoring keyword rankings on SERPs. With the rank tracker API, webmasters can easily gain important insights about the state of their website’s SEO. The Local rank tracking API is now also available on the Google Webmaster Tools Blog.

Tracking your website’s rankings with the help of Google’s SERP tracking tool is beneficial because it allows you to measure your rank changes over time. The new Google SERP tracking API enables you to easily monitor keyword ranking over a period of time and spot any changes or up-gradation in rankings. Search engine results pages (SERPs) vary frequently. Multiple features such as graphics, videos and questions affect your ranking position real-time.

As they represent real-time measurements of your site’s performance, keyword rankings can be easily determined by the Google Search Engine Optimization expert tools. You can access the Real-time rank tracker API directly from the Google Toolbar. The keyword rankings are updated in the background and refresh every minute. You can track keyword rankings at any time from any location.

The Local rank tracking feature provides the user with the ability to monitor and view rankings from various locations across the globe. For example, if an SEO firm located in London is dominating the SERPs for a particular keyphrase, the rank tracker can show you where exactly the traffic is coming from. By monitoring rankings based on geo-location, the Local rank tracker api makes it easy for you to monitor keywords rankings by locality. Besides tracking keyword rankings locally, the Local rank tracking tool also helps to analyze regional fluctuations.

In addition to providing real-time visibility into website rankings, the Real-time rank tracker also enables tracking of other website elements such as the alt image tags, title taglines and alternate texts used on webpages. These aspects are important aspects for SEO, however they can be difficult to monitor in the background. A tracking solution such as the Google rank tracker API makes it possible to monitor these factors in the background and hence analyze their performance over time. As you can see, the Real-time rank tracker API makes it possible to make the necessary analysis and modifications required to rank your site higher in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing.

If you need to access this functionality, first visit Google’s site and look for ‘Rank Tracker API’. On the next page, click on the button ‘Get started now’ and follow the instructions. Once you are through with the installation process, request your API key. The key will be given to you at the same domain name where you have registered your website. Using the key you can track all aspects of your site’s SEO and increase the ranking of your website in all the major search engines.