Google Keyword Ranking Checker – The Key to Getting Your Site to the Top

Before you can do anything with Google API keyword ranking systems you must have a web hosting account. The process of installing the Google API keyword tool into your web server is a very simple one. Once the installation process is complete, the Google keyword tool will be ready to use. The entire process is quick and easy to do.

The first step is for the user to access the google keyword ranking tool by visiting the Google site. Once you have access to the web page, you should type in the desired keyword in the text box on the left hand navigation panel. In the search field, type in the name of the site that you wish to track the desired keyword ranking. You may also enter the partial name for the search phrase if you know it (eg. “apple product directory” or “apple online”).

Next, click on the link “raphaelize” next to “API Keyword Ranking”. In the popup window, click on “OK”. You will then see the Google API keyword ranking checker that is shown below. Click on “search now” to trigger the search.

You will soon notice that there are many Google API keyword ranking checkers at work. If you are using the free services you will not have much control over the results. If you decide to use the paid tools you will find that they have many features and that they are more efficient in determining the appropriate keywords that best describe your site. If you find that the free keyword ranking checkers are too simplistic for your purposes, then you can go for the premium Google keyword ranking checker. These keyword ranking tools are however, quite expensive.

Google keyword ranking tool is part of the larger set of Google APIs that provides external websites access to the huge Google database. These API’s go beyond just searching and showing the most relevant search results. Google keyword tool also provides advanced search capabilities such as finding the maximum number of times a keyword appears and the minimum number of times. This advanced search capability is particularly useful when monitoring the competition in your niche. The google api keyword ranking checker uses the same technology that Google’s other web crawlers use to index the billions of web pages on the Internet.

So, the bottom line is that Google keyword ranking checker is definitely the way to go for a serious keyword research project. It’s fast, accurate, and relatively inexpensive compared to the alternative. You can always back up your keyword findings with an extensive analysis using other keyword research tools as well. But none of those other tools will be able to deliver the insights that a Google keyword ranking checker will.